Aerus Community 2.5 Software Release Notes

Magor is pleased to announce Aerus Community 2.5, as part of the Aerus Software Delivery Platform (SDP) 2.5 release. 

Community is required for Aerus Release 2 and higher.  Magor can provide Community services on the public Internet or can distribute the software to customers for private cloud deployments. Some functionality that was part of settings in the user interface has now been moved to Community. For more information, see the Aerus Community forum.

Features and Improvements Since Release 2.3

Aerus Community was first included in Aerus Release 2.3 as a way to manage the following things:

  • user profiles and associated client configuration
  • contact lists
  • tenants and associated local administrators
  • user administration (groups of users with associated contacts, user names and passwords, accounts/extension numbers)

In Release 2.4, provisioning is replaced by Community and we added the following functionality:

  • discovery of media switches and tenants/users assignments
  • client  licensing
  • media switch capability for user roaming
  • advanced settings for automatic set up of contacts
  • enabling/disabling SharePage
  • bulk provisioning

In Release 2.5, we added the following functionality:

  • optimizations to scale up to thousands of clients
  • client preferences for Windows are now handled by Aerus Community; the Windows client Admin Portal has been deprecated
  • use of Aerus Community to set up encryption of all Magor-to-Magor video
  • bandwidth settings that used to be set in the Admin Portal have been migrated to Aerus Collaborate
  • SIP server configuration has been streamlined in  Aerus Community (previously, SIP gateway settings and registration of a third-party registrar were required in the Admin Portal)
  • personal groups were added to support group calling
  • a "wildcard + three characters" search feature was added to searches for things like users, groups, and tenants


To upgrade Aerus Community, see the article Install or Upgrade Aerus Community

Upgrading From Community 2.3 to Community 2.5

Before you upgrade, contact Magor support to get a new license for each tenant. After you upgrade, your first task is to license your tenants. For more information about licensing and Community, see the Community User Guide.

Upgrading from Community 2.4 to Community 2.5

You do not need a new license for each tenant. The existing license is not affected by the upgrade.  

Supported Computer Hardware

Aerus Community can be deployed on most virtual machine hypervisors. For more information, see the article Install or Upgrade Aerus Community.

Compatibility and Dependencies

Upgrade to Aerus Community 2.5 before you upgrade clients to Aerus Collaborate Release 2.5. The Aerus Community release must always be the same as or ahead of the client release version. Aerus Community 2.5 supports clients with Aerus Release 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5

Limitations or Known Issues

Aerus Community can freeze while trying to refresh. To fix, refresh the browser.

No synchronization of data during bulk edit when two admins are editing the same data at the same time [CY-665]

Trying to re-import a CVS file will generate an error. [CY-507]



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